Friday, July 23, 2010

Where Have I Been

OH my heck, it has been more than a year since I have written on my blog, Hmmmm,,,what to say what to say. I have been trying the facebook thing but I am not very faithful at that either. Not even sure if anyone can see any of my posts so I may be writing into a deep black hole.

I visited Amanda's blog and found a link to Stephnie Nelson's video on u-tube so I just had to add it to my blog as well so that anyone that I know can also view it. What an amazing woman, I sudder to think how it would be to go through such a tremendous trial. I probably would not se as strong and gracious as she is. I am however, very gratefull to my God and Savior for the health that I do have.

Sometimes I get stuck on little things in life, it is a good thing that God sprinkles this world with people like Stephanie to keep people like me grounded.

My mother is going through a very difficult time right now. I am grateful for my sisters who are taking care of her. I know that it is hard for them, it is so frustrating to care for her. You hear all kinds of stories about caring for an aging parent but you never really think about the emotional tole it takes on you, it is a whole different ball game when it is someone you love, it certainly is not easy for mom either.

Well I have rambled on enough, gotta pull mysefl together and get back to work.


My New Life

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It is Officially Hump Day!

Middle of the Day, Middle of the Week = Hump Day, this is how missionaries keep time. Jordan must be at the MTC by now and this will be his method of measuring time now. It won't be long now before I can get out of here and do what I want. I am not referring to Jordan but to me, just two more hours to quitin time. I am going to go home and finish putting the last boards on my desk that we are building in the basement, then I am going to paint it an we will set up our computers there and get rid of Richard's ugly old broken desk and wow things are going to happen in that office.

I am supposed to be working on the presentation that I have to give next week in Ft. Collins at the AVIC/AO Conference. Ha, Ha they think I know what I am doing, I can't even get my password to work in the system. It will be an interesting 30 minutes.

I have found a neat blog to visit, you really need to check it out the link is on my 'Favorites' list. Her name is Ree Drummond, and she calls herself 'Pioneer Woman" she is funny and the girls here at work love her saga that she is writing about herself and her husband that she calls 'Marlboro Man'.

I for one like the recipes, although I have not tried on yet but there are some that I intend on trying. I like the gardening on her blog as well and her stories, really check out her blog.

Also if you like to scrapbook and make cards check out the web site, they have some way cute stamps and card Ideas, I will add their link to my "Favorites" too.

My nephew's wife is having a baby and I have buying stuff like crazy, it seems that I cannot stop. I found a Web site yesterday and got a free gift from them, they call it the 'Udder Cover" how funny is that. Well Brandy I got you and udder cover, ha ha. You can't beat that it was free, can't wait till it comes. I have just finished a blanket for the baby and I am still working on a knitted afghan, if it turns out in the shape of a blanket I will give it to her but it might become a blanket for the cats, Molly loves to help me knit, she just loves all of that yarn.

Well gotta get back to work. Happy Hump Day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here are somemore of my favorite pics of the kids in the Marble Bag.

This picture is for MOM (Jaimee), this just might be the last time you see this.
This is Corwin, our quiet, courious and on the move kid. He so wanted to get inside, notice the old lock in the center of the door, give Corwin a couple of more minutes he would have had that lock opened.

This is William, he looks a little michevious here but don't let that fool you he is a sweat heart and he loves 'bugs'.

This is Gwen, the oldest of the kids, she is eight years old and loved getting Baptized twice last November, it made her giggle.

This is Brook, she is our ham and loves the camera, she would make a great model or movie star.

This is Mindy, she too loves the camera, but is a little more reserved than her sister, but look at that smile.

This is our Brie, she is dainty and loves posing as well, as it turns out she loves horses. Look what we found hiding under a bit pine tree, it is as if it was put there just for her.

This is 'Megan', what can I say she is not the typical teenager for she is warm, sweat and so good with her younger ciblings, Gwen, Brie and William. We greatful for her.
The other Marbles that make up our family bag are Richard's kids; Jaimee and her husband Paul Rapier, Ben and his wife Catrina, Mathew and Jonathan. I'll have pictures of them soon.


HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!! Better late than never. I only have the opportunity to post messages at work and lately it has been harry here but the big D is out of the office for one of his long sessions (lunch) so I am going to take an opportunity to catch everyone up on our news.

Easter at our house was GREAT!! The weekend before I had an opportunity to take Jaimee (our daughter) and her little girl (Brie) out to shop for Easter outfits and then we met up with Richard for a birthday lunch with Brie. We also took Brie to the "Teddy Bear Stuffin Factory". We had lot of fun at the factory, she chose a horse and she named her "Sparkle". We ate lunch at Chic-Fil-A where her uncle Ben works, she was hoping to find uncle Ben but he was not there. Instead she visited with the big old Bull that hangs out there, he would rather that people at "CHICKEN" all of the time. Then the bull had to go and wouldn't you know that uncle Ben shows up and misses the fun altogether but just then Chic-Fil-A workers brought Brie a big piece of chocolate brownie because before the bull left he told them that is was her birthday. Brie tried and tried all afternoon to figure out how the bull knew her name and that it was her birthday.

Well we shopped until we dropped but not before we found the dresses that we wanted for the girls, but "Oh Man!!!!" they only had one in the color and size that we needed. It was a lucky day though because the store also had an "on line" store so we ended up going back to Jaimee's and buying on line anyway. The clothes were delivered on Friday just in time for the Saturday appointment with Amanda and Scott for picture taking and here are some of the pictures of my grandchildren; Megan is the 15 year old, Gwen, Brie and William are in the orange - Mindy, Brook and Corwin are in the blue. They are such a blessing to us.

On Saturday that weekend Amanda and Scott came up and took pictures of the grand kids in their outfits. They looked "soooooo!!!" cute and we got allot of wonderful pictures of them.
We found a Reception Center that let use their front lawn for the picture backdrops and it was a really nice place to take pictures. Here is a picture of all of them and a few of my favorite pictures that we got.

Sunday the kids came over for Easter dinner. We cooked up the usual ham and potatoes, it was delicious and I have to say that after all of these years it is so wonderful to have a family to cook for and enjoy and especially the family that I have gotten, I could not ask for more, they are so wonderful and I thank my Heavenly Father for the opportunity that he has given me to experience being a step mother and grandmother, it is the best ever.

We enjoyed the Conference talks so much this time, but then we say that each time. I am so glad that we have been working on our food storage but we still have a long way to go. That leads into the other thing about Spring is planting the garden.

Richard and I cleaned out the biggest part of the garden and took a truck load to the dump. We tilled with the mantis, Richard loves that toy, and furrowed our rows and buried soaker hoses along them. This is the first time that I have used the soaker hose system and it is working great. We buried the hose along the mounds where the plants are planted and then all that we have to do is hook up the water hose to the soaker and let it soak a while and then we move the water hose to the next one.

Richard promises to put together some plumbing so that I only have to hook up the water hose to one spicket and we can send the water to what ever soaker that we want watered. It will probably be winter by the time he gets that done, but it's a good idea.

I tried to start our peas from seed but they didn't make it so we bought some and we have 5 tomato plants in and one artichoke, I have never grown an artichoke so we see how that goes. I planted a bunch of flower seeds three days ago and they are already starting to peak out. I will post the gardening pictures in a day or so.

Well the big "D" is back so I have to get back to work. Hope you all have a great afternoon. My niece Amanda used to always say 'it is a beaut-e-full day".

Friday, February 27, 2009

Congrats to John and Jill Cimmers, their second baby, a boy 'Parker John Cimmers' arrived last night at 7:47 pm, 8 lbs and 21 inches long. This is the 12th grandchild for Mark and Ruth. John and Jill have another boy Evan, 14 months and he is adorable, I don't have a current picture of him but I will try to get one. I am so excited to see the famly growing, I love you guys.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dr's, Dr's and more Dr's

Richard had a second ultrasound or to put it properly a Transesophageal echo on his heart on Tuesday and they said that the hole in his heart was bigger than they origanlly thought so they want to get it fixed as soon as possible. He is scheduled for the repair procedure on March 6th. they will put a device like this one in the hole to plug it up like a dam. It is called an AMPLATZER Septal Occluder, hmm I'll never remember that name. If all goes well he will only have to stay one day but if they find that he also has artery blockages they will stop the procedure and reschedule him for bypass surgery. I don't think that I am ready for this, I told him that he better not make me a widow now.
On a lighter note my nephew Jordan Bracken has just received his missions call to the Tulsa Oklahoma Mission. Richard's son Jonathan served there and on of the Van Rij boys, I think it was Mathew served there. they both had great missions and I know that Jordan will to.
Mindy congrats on graduating this spring, we are looking forward to being there. Your on your way lady.
Well everyone keep in touch, no leaves comments so I can't tell if anyone is visiting, so leave a line or two from time to time.
I keep posting Richard's progress, everyone please remember him in your prayers, please and thank you.